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 The World Economic Forum

The annual meeting of  The World Economic Forum will return to its traditional location, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland for 2022.
The event is scheduled for January. 17th  to 21st. 2022

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Each and all of our clients are handled according to their requirements and wishes


Private Accommodation


Private Accommodation, Private Chalet

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Appropriate accommodation & facilities to meet your business needs.

To fit your needs and budget

Hotel reservations
Private apartments
Private chalet
Luxury villas
Apartments with self-catering
Meeting rooms
Events location
Business needs and facilities
Even daily shopping can be arranged.

We take care of all those

little important things

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The Butler & Gordon

Your Business Facilities


Meetings Rooms &

Conference facilities:

  • Beamers

  • Flip charts

  • Computer facilities

  • Dropdown screens

  • Internet

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Writing blocks

  • Pens

  • Refreshments

  • Snacks



Butler Gordon 

have it covered.

Business Needs & Office Equipment

Meeting Rooms & Events Locations

We can arrange meeting rooms with all the necessary modern facilities, beamers, notice boards, flipcharts, printers, computers,

whatever your needs are we have it.

 If you are needing a presentations location to host an event, no problem. 

Call us direct or send us an email.

0041 (0) 52 763 37 86

Needing an

Events Location?

not a problem

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The Butler & Gordon

Why bring your own office equipment, and have the trouble of transporting your needs?.
Let the Logistic team of
Butler Gordon
arrange it for you.
It's a lot more 
cost-effective than
you think.
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for a quotation.
Tel: Switzerland
0041 (0) 52 763 37 86

Helicopter or Private Limousine Service


 Helicopter transfair  from Zurich or Geneva direct to DAVOS  Heliport 

Butler Gordon 
have it covered.

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 Private Limousine Service


Helicopter Transfair 

Your own fleet of private

Chauffeur Driven Limousines 

We guarantee you your own designated driver for the duration of your stay in DAVOS
A fleet manager will be appointed to groups of more than 2 cars, making it easy to coordinate and manage your delegation. Keeping you informed at all times as to where your delegation is. 

Contact directly 
The Butler & Gordon 

in side limo.png

Be picked up from a location of your choice anywhere in Europe. 
Your Private Chauffeur will be waiting.
Butler Gordon 
have it covered.

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Entertaining & Private Events


What to do in


Time on your hands

in between meetings? 

our team know the best

must-see and the must-do, when it comes to knowing what’s on in

DAVOS- Klosters


Butler Gordon 

have it covered.

The Butler & Gordon 

Can cater for all your needs


  • Accommodation to suit your need

  • Luxury Private Apartment

  • Private Chauffeur Limousine

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Helicopter Transfair 

  • Event Location

  • Business facilities

  • Private Chefs

  • Private Butler

  • Housekeeping

  • Private Dinner Partys

  • Corporate Luncheon

  • Business snacks

  • Free Time & what's on in DAVOS 

The Art of Haute Cuisine 

Your own Private Gourmet Chef to tantalise your
taste buds.
Your own Private Butler to look after your every need 

Butler Gordon 
have it covered.

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The Beautiful Davos- Klosters

The Butler & Gordon
can organise light entertainment for those special occasions or business events.

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Christopher at 
The Butler & Gordon
give us a call or send an email
T: 0041 (0) 52 763 37 86